Using the EDQLS

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Use of the EDQLS is free for publicly funded and not-for-profit programs in the jurisdictions where public funding has supported the research. Other not-for-profit and publicly funded programs an dnon-commercial research users may use the EDQLS at a reduced cost.  Regular license fees will apply to all for-profit or commercial uses. A one-time charge for the Manual, which covers development and production costs, will be charged to all users. Part of license fee revenue will be used for further work of our research team on quality of life in eating diosrders and appproximately 15% will be donated annually to a health-related charity. Users are encouraged to share anonymous EDQLS data from their projects or programs as it will allow for further validation and norms development. Registration is required for all uses, as is the acknolwedgment of the developers in all EDQLS-related reports or publications. Please contact the researchers for more information. 


If you or your organization would like to use the EDQLS, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the EDQLS Registration Form and email it back to us 
  2. We will determine your category of use and fees if applicable and send you a user agreement by email
  3. Complete the EDQLS Agreement, sign and email it back to us
  4. Send payment in Canadian dollars via cheque to:
    Adair Marcoux Informetrics
    16 Tuscany Springs Rise NW
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    T3L 2S2
  5. We will ship or email your products immediately upon receipt of payment

Please note that your fees for EDQLS use help support administrative and production costs, as well as continued research.

Eating Disorders Quality of Life Scale